WordWielder Calendar, Fees & Policies

Tuition and fees for 2021-2022

As a former homeschooling parent, I try to keep my costs as reasonable as possible. This year's price increase beginning in June is the first I have had in more than five years!

  • Tuition for regular classes is $80/month ($720 for the school year, September-May). Four students constitutes a class.

  • Private classes (2-3 students) are $100/month ($900 for the school year). To get the best value, ask your friends to join and get the regular class rate!

  • Private tutoring (a weekly, 9-month contract) is $150/mo. for a guaranteed 1-hr. time slot. (The average cost for private tutoring elsewhere is $50/hr.)

  • Drop-in private tutoring (uncontracted) is $50/hr. Time slots are very limited. Your best value is to contract for the school year.

  • Nine-week summer sessions are $180. Nine weeks of summer private tutoring is $360.

  • Paper editing service is $40/hr. (no meeting, one hour minimum). With meeting, $50/hr.

Tuition for classes and tutoring will be divided into 9 equal payments, invoiced at the beginning of each month. Tuition is due each month in full regardless of student’s attendance. This is because either time or a seat is being reserved for your student. Credit toward a future class will be given if I must miss a class day. Beginning in the fall of 2021, seats will be reserved with first month's tuition.


Except for summer sessions, please keep in mind that you are committing your student to attend a school year’s worth of classes (September - May, see calendar above). Absences are to be expected due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. However, your student is expected to attend each class, in order to receive the maximum benefit from instruction. No refunds for payment will be given for withdrawals. Missed assignments and instructions will be posted in Google Classroom. In many cases, video recordings of classes are provided (for student and parent review only).


Book purchases are required for several classes. Where possible, I will provide Etexts or .pdf versions of literature. Please purchase the books according to the specific links or ISBN numbers provided in syllabus or Booklist tab. This makes it easier for your student to follow along in class, and ensures that they receive the best quality literature. (I am not responsible if you decide to use a version that is inappropriate or confusing for your student, which has happened!)

If attending online, please provide your student with a quiet place to attend class. For accessibility to both Zoom and Google Classroom, a high-speed Internet connection is best, along with use of a laptop, rather than an iPad or phone.

Notice of publication

Parents of students give permission for use of student’s work, photos and videos taken in class (without identification), for promotional purposes and to advance my certification level with IEW. No student will be identified in photos or by full name on writing samples unless authorized. Any objection to this policy must be provided in writing. Instructional videos are reserved for student/parent use only, and are not to be redistributed.

Statement of Agreement

Enrollment in and payment for a class indicates you have read, understood, and agree to the aforementioned policies.