Wield words well.


Please purchase the exact title using the suggested links. Students will have difficulty following along when different versions are used. Translations of some titles by other authors may also contain inappropriate content. In some cases, pdf versions will be provided for students. If a student uses audiobooks, please purchase a print copy for reference when writing.

2024-25 Fall/Spring Book Lists

Fables, Myths & Fairy Tales

Designed for grades 3-5, teach students to write with assignments that will stir their imaginations! The student book features 29 lessons across the 7 units taught in TWSS. Students will learn to take notes, retell narrative stories, summarize references, write from pictures, and compose their own tales.

Please purchase the following books for this class:

Fables, Myths & Fairy Tales

Medieval History-Based Writing


From the Anglo-Saxons to the Renaissance, from chivalrous knights to Genghis Khan, students will improve their knowledge of medieval times while learning to write with Structure and Style®.

 Includes two novel studies: 

The Door in the Wall

Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Literature & The Lost Tools of Writing (9-12)

Please purchase the following books:

The Lost Tools of Writing, Level One - student workbook only

Literature selections:

Little Britches

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Where the Red Fern Grows

The Hobbit

The Hiding Place

The Old Man and the Sea

Master Cornhill

Adam of the Road

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Great Books of 

World Literature*


Literature selections/excerpts include: 

The Epic of Gilgamesh 


The book of Genesis

The Odyssey 

The Theban Cycle


Journey to the West (selected chapters)

Plato's Dialogues: Gorgias, Apology 

Plutarch's Lives (excerpts) 

Exhortation to the Greeks