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2024-25 High School Classes (9-12th Grade)

Great Books of 

World Literature* ♱


Where does man come from? 

What is our purpose? 

How should we live? 

Is our fate determined by destiny?

These questions have originated in the heart of man the world over since the beginning of time. As we examine a sampling of world literature from 2000 BC to the 4th century in the light of Scripture, we will learn what it means to live well.

The emphasis of the class will be to annotate literature and share in class discussions. Based on notes and discussions centered on essential life questions, students will demonstrate understanding of themes as they construct a variety of essays designed to encourage a modern culture to engage with and learn timeless lessons from classic literature. 

Great Books of World Literature is an honors-level class that incorporates Bible, classic literature**, and various essay writing skills. This is a gently challenging course for those who want a superior, classical education. Together, we will discover the ideas contained in the Great Books that have shaped civilization and filter these ideas through the lens of Scripture. Socratic and Harkness discussions and thematic essays aid in revealing the truths – and errors – of these great works. 

Equivalent to 1.5 credits for transcript.

Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  PST (online) * time change

September 10 - May 20

Tuition (4 or more students):  $720/yr; payable $80 monthly

Tuition (private class, 2-3 students): $900/yr; payable $100 monthly

some selections contain distinctly Christian content

*some selections contain mature themes