What people are saying about WordWielder...

"I've been meaning to reach out to you and thank you for teaching my kids this summer. They really enjoyed your classes, and I appreciated having someone else teach them writing!" - W.N.

"M. really does like the class and talks about the books. So know that you're getting through! In other news, E. is missing your class so much this year and told me she'd really love to join next year if there is an online opportunity. Thought that would put a smile on your face. You are great!" - R.C.

"Thank you so much for working with B.! I am so pleased to see her working on her writing and getting your encouraging feedback and constructive suggestions to help her; it's the most successful helpful thing she has EVER had for her independent writing skill development...I cannot thank you enough...I did share her recent essay with her Barton tutor N., who was brought to tears of happiness after reading it. :)" - M.B.

"Wow! He is doing so well with this essay! I'm so grateful for all your help! Thank you Shawn. You have been such a wonderful blessing." - R.C.

"I want to thank you for the quality recommendations and strategies you've given me through these weeks. It has definitely helped my writing." - J.M., student

"I just wanted to say thank you! You are an amazing woman who just out of the blue helps [an] 8th grader with her own responsibility of doing a paper that was possibly never going to be submitted...You made my day!😊 I am very glad (and very lucky) to have met you! Thank you so much Mrs. McCowan." - L.M., student

"I have seen so much growth in R. this year. Thank you for all you have done! He has enjoyed working with you." - J.F.

"Oh man, you are gonna be such a blessing to [my student]!!! He came away from your session saying, 'That went fast!' WHAT?!?!?!" - B.W.

"You've done wonders with [my son] and I am impressed with his writing ability..." - A.P.

"Thank you for all your time, energy and creativity invested in my kids. I'm looking forward to their progress this year." - C

"Thank you so, so much for teaching this class. I have to say, in the beginning, I was not terribly excited about it or about the books we would read, but this semester has definitely been my favorite semester of writing ever. Thank you so much for giving us tough books and making us think. Although it was hard and frustrating at times, I enjoyed the challenges. You are such a fun teacher and a sweet person to be around. I admire your love for the Word, and I have so enjoyed learning from you..." -- G., student

"Your time and energy is valuable and worthwhile. We appreciate you so much." - K

"Thank you for being an amazing teacher. You are so kind and funny. I'm so thankful that I'm in your class. You come up with great ideas." - L., student

"I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you do with M. and N. Thanks for making language arts fun! Both boys have improved significantly in their writing abilities." - C

"To Mrs. McCowan, Thank you for all the hard work you have put into teaching us this year! I have had so much fun! I hope that you have an amazing summer!" -G.S., student

"Thank you so much for teaching this (Great Books) class! I really enjoyed learning from you and discussing some tough books. Thank you for bringing up the less-discussed topics, for letting the silence last sometimes so the students would actually start talking, for your gentle feedback, and for encouraging us to not only be persuasive, but also winsome in our writing." - G.M., student

"Dearest Mrs. McCowan, We humbly thank you for being a truly top-notch, terrific teacher, who we appreciate so very much. Since taking your writing class, we have learned numerous useful techniques to improve our writing skills. You have fed our imagination and aided our grammar so that our writing has blossomed like a fragrant flower in Spring. Unfortunately, this semester has come to an end. We shall miss you! Have a superb summer!" - S.S. and J.S., students